The Yearling Lamb Feed
The Yearling Lamb Feed

There is a high rate of utilization of feed and conversion to meat.

It is a form of fattening made based on the failure of 6 months of male or female lambs who cannot complete the self-development in the forage or cannot be evaluated in the negative conditions of the market conditions. The yearlings are fasted for two months and then fed with 1-1.5 kg of Eriş Yearling Feed daily. In addition, dry roughage feed is 400gr per day. In order to prevent the formation of urinary stones, which are the most sensitive of the Yearlings, Eriş Yearling Feed has been produced in a balanced manner, with balanced minerals and energy and protein providing raw materials. For yearling lambs, it is necessary to be the watering area and feed area where the fattening areas are of sufficient width. The enterotoxin vaccines of the yearling lambs must be made absolutely. Eriş Yearling Lamb Feed should be accustomed for 4-5 days to the lambs which come from forage. Produced in pellet and granule forms.
It is used to feed the fattening animals used in the Eriş Yearling Lamb program. Yearling Fattening Feed is produced in in granular requirements. WEIGHT: Net 50 kg.