The Cattle Milk Trend 21
The Cattle Milk Trend 21

High milk yielding cows should be fed until the last lactation period. It must be fed with high-quality roughage.

It meets the needs of early and late lactation periods of highly productive cows. Digestibility is a rich feed with high energy and protein sources. It has a perfect balance so that it does not cause nutritional metabolic diseases. Produced in pellet and granule form.
Transfer with your previous feed by mixing for 10 days. It is a balanced and healthy blend, without mixing with other fodder raw materials. It must be fed with high-quality roughage. Provide clean and continuous water supply for high and continuous efficiency. Keep in a cool, dry place. WEIGHT: Net 50kg.
  • - It does not weaken after birth.
  • - Quickly delivers peak flavour.
  • - Increases milk fat and milk protein.
  • - It provides anger and fertility in time.
  • - Resists resistance to metabolic diseases.