The Cattle Milk 20 A
The Cattle Milk 20 A

High milk-yielding cows should be fed until the last lactation period. They must be fed together with high-quality rough feed.

High-yield dairy cows meet the nutrients they need. It has a homogeneous structure. It is manufactured from feed materials with high digestibility. It does not contain substances that may be harmful to animal health. Pellet and powder can be produced.
Transfer to the Cattle Milk 20A by mixing with the other food you have used before in 10 days. The Eriş Milk 20A the feed is a balanced and healthy blend without mixing with other feed stuffs. Give the Eriş Milk 20A feed with good quality roughage feeds. Provide clean and continuous water supply for high and continuous efficiency. Keep in a cool, dry place. WEIGHT: Net 50kg.
  • - Increases milk yield.
  • - Increases milk quality.
  • - Increases fertility.
  • - It provides resistance against metabolic diseases.