The Lamb Starter Feed
The Lamb Starter Feed

It is used in the feeding of newborn lambs from the 10th day to the 45th day.

When lambs are born, they should definitely take enough beastings to improve their immune system. For 45 days, they are fed with mother's milk. From 10 days onwards, they should get used to Eriş Lamb Starting Feed and clean fresh water and Eriş Lamb Starting Feed should be kept in front of them until their live weights reach 13-15 kg. During this time, lambs, which are raised in lambs for butchery purposes, are not roughage given. Lambs must stay in separate compartments with their mothers for at least 8-10 days after birth. The compartments they are in must be clean. the absorption should be carried out at least twice in the morning and evening on later days. If there are lambs to be kept for breeding, they must be promoted for 45 days. The lambs that kept for breeding should be sent to forage and 300-400 gr. Eriş Lamb Starting Feed should be given.
Stalls of the mother lamb and baby lamb should be clean and draft-free. There must be enough space. It must be followed certainly whether the absorption is or not. Whether there is enough food to be suckled should be determined. From day 10 onwards, free feeding should be started. The live weight and duration must be determined at the end of the fattening. Enough clean water should be provided. WEIGHT: Net 40 kg.