The Goat Milk Feed
The Goat Milk Feed

If you are making goats with the goal of raising slaughter goats, the milk yield should be cut off quickly at the end of the breeding period of the goats and be prepared to leave the pregnant again. In this period, the feed is not given, the goats are cut from the milk. 30 days before fertilization of the cuts from the milk, the flashing eaten or energy load is done. This loading can be done with 500 gr / day Eriş Goat Milk Feed or Lamb Feed. After fertilization, this feed is continued for a week.

Goat Milk Feed should be prepared for pregnancy again, such as after 45-60 days of breastfeeding, at different times during the various periods of goats’ birth. For this reason, it is necessary to stop the milking and to give birth to the goats. It is prepared for the birth of the goats by feeding the goats with 300-400 gr / day Eriş Goat Milk Feed for 10 days. With birth, the quantity of milk is increased according to twin status. Amounts of feed vary according to the amount of forage and the amount of coarse feed.
It is the food the goats consume with their appetite. Allows milk production to be maintained for a long time. WEIGHT: Net 50kg.