The Cattle Milk 1827
The Cattle Milk 1827

High milk yielding cows should be fed until the last lactation period. It should be fed with high-quality roughage.

This feed has been manufactured to be balanced and homogenous in terms of nutrients in order to provide high yields of milk cows from birth. It does not contain substances harmful to human and animal health. It is manufactured in pellet and granule form.
The Eriş Cattle Milk 1827 should be fed and mixed with previous feed. Use only roughage with the Eriş Milk 1827. Do not feed extra calf feed. Store the Eriş Milk 1827 in a cool, dry place. WEIGHT: Net 50kg.
  • - Less feed usage.
  • - Not create nutritional diseases.
  • - High milk yield.
  • - Regular anger and fertility.