The Calf Growing Feed
The Calf Growing Feed

You can safely use it in the feeding of 3 and 6-month-old calves. High nutritional value and digestion are extremely easy.

Feed meets the nutrients the calves needed. It has a homogenous structure. It is manufactured from feed materials with high digestibility. Expander's most useful digestion is in developing groups. Pellet and powder can be produced.
It is used in the feeding of 3-6-month-old calves. You should keep clean and constant water in front of them and give a high-quality roughage to the calves. Transfer to the 6-month-old female calves the Eris Heifer Feed. Give the 6-month-old male calves Eris Fattening Development Feed. Keep in a cool, dry place. WEIGHT: Net 50kg.
  • - Increases the use of feed by accelerating the development of tripe.
  • - Digestibility is high.
  • - Provides high live weight gain.